Pakistani bloggers arrested for Posting fake images Online

Three bloggers are reportedly missing for more than 12 Hours, as they are not responding on their mobile numbers. The missing bloggers were noticed when they appeared in front of a FIA Cyber Crime Wing Islamabad.

These bloggers were asked by FIA Cyber Crime Wing Islamabad to present themselves before investigation officer on (Dec 31st, 2016) for Posting of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Images with Saqib Nisar PML-N leader Wrongly attribution pointing him.

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But blogger had removed the Images but they are now arrested On FIA Office these bloggers families have no Idea where is his kids.These bloggers were from Multan and they worked Part time and had posting Images Question Online, FIA Track them their Living Location trough whois information from their website.

There three bloggers have thousand of Subscriber and views their WhatsApp account and Facebook pages and other social followers they were posting a question for users.Now thse blogger arrested by FIA.

Section 7 of Cyber Crime Law deals with Cyber Terrorism and it says:

the use of threat is designed to coerce, intimidate, overawe or create a sense of fear, panic or insecurity in the government or the public or a section of the public or community or sector in society.

How Money things you can Do On the Internet or other by Law of Cyber Crimes Bill

You can’t post Nawaz Sharif memes without taking his permission anymore
You can’t share “vulgar” videos on Facebook for a laugh, any more
You can’t talk about sex, reproduction or biological functions anymore because someone can think of those as vulgar
You can’t send a message to that girl you have a crush on and you worked so hard to get the number of, to tell her your dil ki baat
You can’t spew your anti-Ahmadi venom anymore
You can’t become the Pakistani WikiLeaks or worse… Panama Leaks
You can’t privately watch porn without the government spying on you
You can’t enjoy the tweets of parody accounts anymore
You can’t keep anything private if the “investigators” under the law deem your devices important for their purposes
You can’t use a SIM card without proper attribution to you
You can’t do anything that the government decides is against the “glory of Islam
You can’t do anything that the government decides is against their “friendly relations” with foreign countries
Hopefully, you can’t take the money you earn from Pakistan and transfer it electronically in someone else’ name to offshore accounts.

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