Pakistan Railways to Launch Computerized Ticket Examiner System

Pakistan Railways plan to launch new Computerized Examiner System for passengers wich would replace old railways System end of the February.

Many passengers board the train without a ticket and end up traveling without paying a single dime which in turn causes great lose to the Pakistan Railways.

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This New Computerized Examiner system Now will be introduced on Trail bases and trough this system railways cars travelling start form Rawalpindi to Lahore.

Division Commercial Offers of Railways Raza Ali Habib Said:

they’ve accomplished the preparations to carry on computerized ticket examiner system as a part of their group

and According to Division Superintendent Railways Abdul Malik Said:

The Railways is making all out efforts to facilitate the passengers and the resumption of Kohat Rail Car service was demand of the public which has been fulfilled. Tight security arrangements have been made at Rawalpindi Railway Station to ensure security of the passengers with best parking arrangements to facilitate the visitors. 213 million during 2017 while 42,56,318 passengers traveled through rail service. The income of Rawalpindi Railways passenger trains remained Rs 1864.213 million, revenue generated by freight trains was Rs 448. 728 million and other heads contributed Rs 290.919 million during last year. Due to continuous efforts and hardworking of railways management, officers and workers, Pakistan Railways, Rawalpindi Division’s income increased considerably

with this New System a state-of-the-art Ipad devise connected with GPS system can be supplied to the ticket checker which might be used to obtain fare or high-quality by an on-board rail automobile passenger.

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