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Go to free mode anytime by clicking the”Go to Free” button on the top of your FB timeline.

Terms & Conditions

This version of Facebook allows you to flexibly move between two manners — free mode and data mode. Mode is a version of Facebook in which you share, comment, like, can post and chat at no cost. To view photos or videos, change to Data Mode (routine Facebook) by clicking on the’View Photos’ button. You will be charged for information in this manner as per your package program. Go back to free manner any time by clicking the”Proceed to Free” button on the top of your timeline. Jazz subscribers will also be eligible to use Facebook for free for 30 days if they are fresh Facebook users. Next to’You’re in Information Mode.’ You can also see your Facebook bookmarks (if utilizing the Facebook Android app) or Facebook menu (if using to opt-out. No, the Free Basics program is only accessible on mobile devices. Switch off background data sync. To do this:Open your device’s main Settings menu. Under’Wireless & Networks’, choose Data usage. Touch the menu icon. Ensure’Restrict background information’ is checked. Ensure’Auto-sync data’ is unchecked. For Complimentary Basics, if you’re in a country where Free Basics is offered in more than 1 language, you can change the language by clicking’Around Free Basics’ at the bottom of the list of websites. For the Free Basics program: If you are in a state where Free Basics is available in more than one language, you are able to choose your language by clicking’Settings’ in the menu tab in the upper right corner. Click’Change Language’. You can use any mobile internet package, telephone , text, use information and use hybrid package offers while utilizing the Free Basics promo. Utilizing the websites provides via Free Basics does not deduct from your balance.

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