How to use NADRA E-Sahulat

You are able to apply online for it also. Use the following link for internet franchise registration.

Under this arrangement, the E-Sahulat centres will subject a fard (property ownership document) to people. The fard is issued following CNIC and biometric verification, and, the following steps are proceeded.
Take the utility bill and due amount to the nearest E-Sahulat franchise. Give the Consumer ID/Bill reference amount to E-Sahulat franchise to recover the bill info. Check all the recovered bill information and confirm it. pay the due amount and once the trade is processed successfully, you are going to get the receipt against the thriving payment. National Remittances through E-Sahulat
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NADRA E-Sahulat is a E-Commerce Platform launched by NADRA at 2008. It allows customers to pay utility bills and carry out other digital transactions as well after appropriate verification. With more than 12000 E-Sahulat franchises in the nation, it’s the very best and most secure electronic transaction systems accessible to citizens of Pakistan. This article is all about how to use NADRA E-Sahulat.
NADRA E-Sahulat is supplying its franchises to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the nation. Any entrepreneur and small business owner can find an e-Sahulat services company on easy terms. How to use for it?

Just follow the instructions given below.

Valid and Authentic CNICA Photocopy of CNICReceiver’s CNIC numberMobile Numbers — Both, yours and the receiver’sThe sender will Get a message that carries a 5 digits code generated by the machine Earning Money
In order to Get money from an individual, you need to Offer the following information to complete the transaction:
After the entry of the software form, NADRA shortlists the applicants. After that, E-Sahulat staff does a website poll and weighs the business potential. The staff conducts a small interview with the potential franchise operator, and, they award the permit to the selected franchise owner. The team deploys the machine and trains the owner to work with it also.
With E-Sahulat you can send/receive money to your family and friends across Pakistan. The sender and recipient must have a legitimate and initial CNIC so as to complete the transaction.

Original and valid CNIC and its photocopyA 5-digits code That’s conveyed to you by the senderTransaction IDE-Sahulat Franchises
Through E-Sahulat customers can cover all the utility bills together with the utmost simplicity.
Some information about E-SahulatNADRA E-Sahulat supplies online payment and collection facility to the general public and organizations through various outlets. The outlets throughout the country have been linked to NADRA’s data warehouse via a secure internet connection and are installed at public locations through its Franchise Network. Just go to your nearest E-Sahulat centre and pay your electricity, gas, water and telephone bills. Transferring money across Pakistan via E-Sahulat is extremely simple. Go to your nearest E-Sahulat franchise and choose your original and legitimate CNIC along with a single Photocopy. To transfer money, you will have to provide receiver’s CNIC number as well. You might also become the owner of an E-Sahulat franchise by simply applying for it via NADRA E-Sahulat offline and online systems.

Whether you’re applying offline or online, you need to deposit Rs.600/- in almost any branch of Habib Bank from the nation. After depositing the registration fee in HBL, you have to submit the application type in any NADRA regional offices. For implementing online, visit the link and provide all the essential information from the application form. Then, click ‘Submit Request’ to complete the registration process.

Before applying for the E-Sahulat franchise, then you should check the eligibility criteria and requirements for starting a franchise .

  • Eligibility CriteriaMale/FemaleCNIC HolderMatric with Computer Literacy
  • Must have aptitude for business Small entrepreneur No lender default and/or police history
  • Prerequisites for FranchisesMust have a shop or a place for conducting company the Company place should fulfill all criteria & aesthetics laid down by NADRA
  • It must be located in the vicinity of around 2500 homesFranchise owner should have the ability to Advertise his product and do business

If you want to send cash to someone, then you Want to Supply the following information to complete the transaction:
Some of the Services and Products of E-Sahulat which are available in the nation include:

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