Pakistan to Issue Electronic Visas Soon says Ahsan Iqbal

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal, Recently announce to launched Electrical Visa facility in order to facilitate genuine investors and visitors.
Pakistan to Issue Electronic Visas Soon says Ahsan Iqbal
He announced the news of meetings of high commission in London, Ahsan Iqbal said that foreigners looking to visit Pakistan won’t have to visit the embassy to get a visa once this new service is launched. The minster said.

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We are in the process of issuing E-Visa soon in consultation with our foreign office like other Countries to the genuine visitors and investors soon thus making Pakistan a member of the global economy and the best investment and tourist destination in the world.
According to the announcement, interior ministry is in talks with foreign office to make this facility a reality as soon as possible. All the data will be collected through government’s website online. Applicants will be able to pay all dues through credit or debit cards as well. This will help decrease the time required to get a visa to visit the country


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