Dell Now launched its own jewelry line

Dell Computer Company announce limited-edition jewelry collection and interestingly that is made from gold mined from recycled motherboards.
Dell Now launched its own jewelry line

Dell said all his product made in US include 14- and 18-carat gold rings, earrings, and cufflinks and for company updates Price Starting from  $78 for Circular Collection and will be sold via Reed’s store Bayou With Love.

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through a recently verified closed-loop gold process Dell is also using recycled gold in new motherboards. The company has announced an industry-first program to use recycled gold from used electronics in new motherboards, starting with the Latitude 5285 2-in-1 model that’s launching this spring.

Here is Dell Statement 
It aims to use 100 million pounds of recycled material in its product portfolio by 2020. If you’d like to contribute a laptop to the cause, you can drop it off at any Goodwill that’s participating in the Dell Reconnect program.


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