WhatsApp Gets One Month to Stop Data Sharing With Facebook

France’s ultra-strict privacy watchdog CNIL has issued formal notice to Whats App to stop sharing user data with Facebook within a month .
WhatsApp Gets One Month to Stop Data Sharing With Facebook

The transferring of data to its parent company Facebook which is change its privacy Policy year of 2016 but france consider it is illegal .
France's CNIL commission said that Facebook has 30 days to comply with the ruling or it will face an investigation and possible sanction.

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CNIL Order Said: 
While the security purpose seems to be essential to the efficient functioning of the application, it is not the case for the “business intelligence” purpose which aims at improving performances and optimizing the use of the application through the analysis of its users’ behavior. The Chair of the CNIL considered that the data transfer from WHATSAPP to FACEBOOK Inc. for this “business intelligence” purpose is not based on the legal basis required by the Data Protection Act for any processing. In particular, neither the users’ consent nor the legitimate interest of WHATSAPP can be used as arguments in this case
Facebook's full statement to Engadget the WhatsApp data privacy issue Let see.

Privacy is incredibly important to WhatsApp. It's why we collect very little data, and encrypt every message. We will continue to work with the CNIL to ensure users understand what information we collect, as well as how it's used. And we're committed to resolving the different, and at times conflicting concerns, we've heard from European Data Protection Authorities with a common EU approach before the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018.


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