Facebook ads get Click-to-WhatsApp buttons

Facebook announce New Features that will bring the two platforms together, Advertisers will now have a WhatsApp button on their ads so that the customers can call or message on WhatsApp with just a click.
Facebook ads get Click-to-WhatsApp buttons

By this News Facebook launching a ad unit that will let businesses create a link between the two platforms, advertiser can Include ads button on their ads then people can call or messaging via whatsapp just one click of button.
In past year Facebook announce this features but it was not confirm but now confirm to launching click to whatsapp button but it starting first from .North and South America, Africa, Australia and most of Asia and maybe possible to ad for Europe because in this list Eorupe is not mention after responce of above mention countries Facebook will include Europe.

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EMarketer principal analyst Debbie Williamson says: 
That format was the first ad product to explicitly link activity on Facebook with activity on Messenger, and it was followed by other ad formats on Messenger itself. It seems that Facebook is following a similar strategy for WhatsApp, starting with click-to-WhatsApp ads on Facebook, and presumably eventually rolling out ads on WhatsApp itself
According to Facebook 1 Million Facebook pages owner include on their page whatsapp numbers mostly business companies and other business pages So, on this new features it will be good for those who added whatsapp Number, It will be more binefits to direct interaction.

Product Marketing Manager says of Facebook Said: 
Many people already use WhatsApp to communicate with small businesses. It’s a fast, convenient way to stay in touch. By adding a click-to-WhatsApp button to Facebook ads, businesses can now make it even easier for people to learn about their products, set up an appointment or use their service.


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