Twitter Officially Doubles Tweet Limit to 280 Characters

Good News for Twitter Users Twitter Officially doubles Tweet Limited for all users by this officially announcement Users can be able to send tweet 280 Characters on their Twitter account.
Twitter Officially Doubles Tweet Limit to 280 Characters

Previously Twitter limit was 140 Characters but now the company expeded 140 to 280 characters to send your tweet for all Language including except Japanese, Korean and Chinese, Let see Twitter Statement.

Twitter to Test Lite Version App to Make it User Friendly

We saw when people needed to use more than 140 characters, they tweeted more easily and more often
Also Company Product Manager Said: 
 More space makes it easier for people to fit thoughts in a tweet, so they could say what they want to say, and send tweets faster than before. Our goal was to make this possible while ensuring we keep the speed and brevity that makes Twitter, Twitter. Looking at all the data, we’re excited to share we’ve achieved this goal and are rolling the change out to all languages where cramming was an issue
with this announcement users can easily engage their post with 280 suitable text Paragraph which will be better for those who want to write more characters on their Tweets.


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