Chinese Military Launches New Website to Report Fake News

China Military Launches a New website for public to report fake news that means this website will allow internet users to report illegal online activities by military personnel .
Chinese Military Launches New Website to Report Fake News

The reason of Step taken by Military harmful information and any type of wrong Information Beijing is increasing the measures to secure the internet and maintain strict censorship.
The platform - - accepts tipoffs about people who pretend to be military personnel on social media, malicious posts about the People's Liberation Army, or leaks of potentially classified information.

Website Said: 
Citizens are encouraged to use the platform to report online content that attacks the military’s absolute leadership and distorts the history of the military and the Communist Party, Cases of military personnel illegally opening online social accounts and publishing unauthorized information should also be reported
Xi Jinping, China’s President has made “cyber sovereignty” a top priority in his sweeping campaign in order to support and maintain security. The President has also reasserted the role of ruling Communist Party in limiting and guiding online discussion.


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