WhatsApp Offers Live Location Sharing in real time

After launches whatsapp Business features Now Whats app Offers Live Location Sharing In real time also this features allow you to track your friends.
WhatsApp Offers Live Location Sharing in real time

This new feature can be run on Android and iPhone so swiftly, people can easily access on app trough your phone, with map option monitor you for that specific period of time you allow.

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opular messaging platform WhatsApp is about to get its biggest update

The Specific period of Time option is available for e.g fifteen minutes, an hour and eight hours  However, you have an option to turn off the location once you are at your destination or want to cover you actions.  The recipient would be able to see a card-like message with the option to “view live location” while the sender would be able see a button of “Stop sharing” in red. Through this way WhatsApp gives its 1 billions users a new reason to stick around.

Zafir Khan Who is the Product Manager of Whatsapp Said:
We were trying to solve the rendezvous problem: when you are meeting up with a group, when you want to share where you are when you are commuting, or when you want to let your loved ones know that you are safe. These are the scenarios where live location is useful.
With this Location Sharing Option people can use and make their Safety because you can track easily your friends location It is also helpful in those scenarios where people are coordinating and meeting up in the real world.


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