Twitter to Introduce a New Bookmarking Tool save your tweet

If you love your twitter tweets and you need to save your tweet for letter reading for this reason twitter going to introduce a new Bookmarking tool to save letter reading.
Twitter to Introduce a New Bookmarking Tool

This Twitter Bookmarking New feature will Appear under the tweet like More option Menu where Twitter users can easily find bookmarking option which will be available "Add to Bookmark" PM Jesar Shah said .

Twitter to Introduce a New Bookmarking Tool

Twitter to Test Lite Version App to Make it User Friendly

Twitter wants to build the new bookmarking tool with the community’s help and feedback. That’s interesting, given that building “with” user input is how Twitter used to develop features borrowed from the community. For example, Twitter’s @mention and re-tweet functionality grew out of Twitter turning actions people were already taking on its network into useful product features.

But this Bookmarking Option now currently not launched but it will be launched after user response and its not clear and also there are no details that who will be able to test it. But it has been confirmed by the Twitter spokesman that soon this feature will be launched.


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