Popular messaging platform WhatsApp is about to get its biggest update

Whatsapp going to launching a new feature WhatsApp Business which is going to be a completely different application that means whatsapp launches all New version.

Whatsapp Business will be completely Different App where customers and companies to communicate and this new service allows Facebook to monetize the extremely popular messaging app.

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whatsapp business App
An Android Police report says that WhatsApp Business will be a standalone listing on the Google Play Store. The report did not mention whether this will be the same case with Apple’s App Store. Another effective feature coming to WhatsApp Business is the ability to link a landline phone number to use the app
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It also introduces two new items in the settings menu – Statistics and Business Profile. Statistics will show the total number of messages sent, delivered, read and received by the Business account. Business Profile on the other hand is where you can add details about your business as well as set an automated response for when you are not active on the app. The ‘away’ message can be customized to the user’s liking. Finally, business accounts may or may not be ‘verified’ and this is visible in the user’s profile.source.

Whatsapp Bunisess is now available on Internet but its unreleased now but you can Try by Whatsapp Business link to install or more info about New Features.


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