Facebook Offers Now Live Screen-Sharing function

Make more attractive and user Friendly your Facebook account with Facebook live features, this function will be better and helpful for everyone those who want to use Facebook live Screen sharing.
Facebook Offers Now Live Screen-Sharing function

By this Live screen sharing features users can share their screen when they was live on Facebook that means during live streaming.

Facebook Offers Now Live Screen-Sharing Features

Now You can Order Food without Ever leaving Facebook

Live streaming function very easy to use you can press the “Share Screen” button anytime to start sharing the screen when you start will live and more good thing is to on audio like if you want to share your screen with your voice Facebook will allow you to share your audio during live but this features will available for chrome users.

if you will start your live screen sharing first time you need to download “Facebook Screen Sharing” on your chrome browser because when you will try first time it’ll ask you to download a Chrome if you don't install first.


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