Google disables offensive ad keywords found by BuzzFeed

Google Disables Offensive ad keyword that BuzzFeed found could be used by advertisers to target people searching for racist and anti-Semitic topics.
Google disables offensive ad keywords found by BuzzFeed

Google plan to more control over where their ads appear on YouTube and the Google Display Network because lots of offensive ad keywords that not Advertiser attrective, and Google need to become a big numbers of advertisers.

Google’s senior vice president of ads Sridhar Ramaswamy said in an email.

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We’ve already turned off these suggestions and any ads that made it through, and will work harder to stop this from happening again.

Uk Managging Director Ronan Harris Said in blog post that Google already removed 2 billion offensive ads on plateform in last years and also now blacklisted 100,000 publishers form adsense.

Google will not allowed terget Searches Why do Jews ruin everything” but also suggested the user to run ads next to searches such as “the evil jew” and “jewish control of banks”, a campaign by BuzzFeed discovered.

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