PTCL Launches ‘Car-Fi” Device use Internet On the Go

PTCL Introduced New Internet Device that can be used to Enjoy High-speed Internet while Travelling that they are calling PTCL CarFi.
PTCL Launches ‘Car-Fi” Device  use Internet On the Go

PTCL Carfi a New Device that can be plugged into any car without any hassle.

It promises seamless high-speed Internet when you are travelling on the road, this device and offers available 250 Cities across Pakistan.
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Car-Fi Samiler work like other PTCL Evo Devices you can connect easily your Laptop or Pc on the road as the device package includes a two-way male USB cable. If connected to a PC/Laptop, the device is able to connect a total of 6 users to the internet (1 through USB + 5 through WiFi).
Car-Fi Speed up to 9.3, and the Car-Fi device sports a USB port for charging phones, tablets.
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Car-Fi Features

Charges of PTCL Car-Fi Devices

Rs.4,000, 15GB unlimited Social Media Bundle for 3 Months
Rs.5,000, 30GB unlimited Social Media Bundle for 6 Months
Free Social Media Bundle like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp (text only), Viber (text only), LinkedIn & Soundcloud
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