Truecaller App Adds New Flash Messaging Feature for all users

Good News for IOS Users those who are using Trucaller app because the leading Communication App add a New Flash Messaging Feature for its IOS Users, Flash maintains the urgency of phone calls while being a simpler and short-answered way of messaging.
Truecaller App Adds New Flash Messaging Feature for all users

Flash Messaging is a shorthand way for users to communicate via pre-defined messages, phrases and emojis with a simple swipe and tap," as explained by Truecaller. This feature had already made its way to Android devices a few weeks ago. Since the introduction of the Flash Messaging, it has been downloaded by more than 41 million people so far.

Truecaller App Adds New Flash Messaging Feature.

Maybe in a day you need to ask someone persons simple question, not full conversation, It would be Maney time a day by using true caller it will be very easy to use all common word let see in following.

Are we meeting tonight?
Where are you?
What time will you arrive?
Do we have milk?

When you cannot answer a phone call, or have a full conversation via SMS, Flash Messaging on Truecaller offers important questions to be answered within 60-seconds or less.

What are the benefits of Flash Messaging 

It looks like an incoming call but unlocks to be an incoming message
Can be responded with one tap to send location, emojis, and pre-written smart answers
All Truecaller users can receive them
Free to use with data.

How do We Send Flash Messaging via Trucaller

You can send Flash messages directly from your Call log, T9-search and from Contact tab. Search name or number > tap on the 'Thunderbolt' icon.

Please note that "Availability" (last seen) feature must be enabled in order for it to work.

How to turn Availability on:

iPhone: Open App > More > Settings > Availability.
Android: Open App > Menu > Settings > General.
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