This Cab to Drive Pakistanis to Dubai for Just Rs. 6K per Head

Most Popular Red-halling International Service which is available over 570 Cities of the worldwide in Different countries, and maybe you did not know now you can order and uber service one country to another country.

Don't give too high Charges of Airplane when you have uber service, Use uber to travel point A to Point B without any hassle a little too serious.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at screenshots of some planned rides from a city in one country to a city in another one. Here you can see how much it charges if you travel from Karachi to Dubai via a Uber ride.
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According to Uber Rates if you will go Karachi to Dubai then it will be about 23,000, using Uber Go and Rs. 12,600 or Rs. 29,100 using Uber Auto and Uber X, for every people Per Car and that come down to a very reasonable Rs. 6k per head.

You can Take Karachi to New Delhi around 5,200, There might be some hiccups at the border but if the Uber app says you can cross over, then who am I to argue.


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