Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony Launched an SMS Service to Avoid Hajj Fraud

Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony Launched SMS Service to prevent Fraud in Private Hajj Scheme, that means for the checkup the Company Authentication.

The Main Aim of Announcement this service to prevent pilgrims from betrayal and also to save them from fraudulent companies.

For authentication of any Company about all details of the company upon sending SMS on Your Mobile to 8331.
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He said that a person who is about to perform pilgrim through Haj Group Organizer should send first four digits of his HGO’s enrollment number from his mobile to 8311. A pilgrim will abruptly get a reply which will contain all the details about the enrollment status of HGO. The details will also enclose the name of CEO, allotted quota and address. In this way Ministry would be able to confirm its authenticity.

If a person desiring to perform pilgrimage want to conform the quota status of Hajj Group organizer (HGO), he can call on Ministry relevant department on 051-9207519; 051-9205212; 051-9205427.
The Ministry has asked all the pilgrims not to sign any agreement before checking its enrollment status of allotted Hajj Quota. Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has updated electronic monitoring system for resolving complaints of pilgrims during Haj days. This system has been updated in partnership with PITB for Haj 2017.
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Doctor Sajid Yousaf who is the Director General of Hajj has announced in Jeddah, that this year 179,210, Pakistani will perform Hajj, and Hajj Scheme of Government encloses 107,526 pilgrims and other people will perform Hajj via Private Operator.

Pakistani Government announced that the person who performed Hajj in last 7 Years he will not to eligible for performed Hajj 2017, In this way many more people will get an opportunity to perform the pilgrimage.

The above SMS Service is Very Good Step for all hajaj they will be able to hajj peacefully.


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