Facebook Tasting on way to charge for reading news articles free

Now Facebook will Start the limited Numbers of Published news stories that can be read for free only few stories, The companies which will have subscription payment bwill charge you for reading their story, by this news Facebook will Charge Users to Read Subscription News Stories.
Facebook Tasting on way to charge for reading news articles free

Campbell Brown Who is the Facebook Head of News Partnership Said about this new Features, Facebook would introduce this New Features in October .

Brown Head partnership said, Facebook will test limiting to 10 the number of stories that can be accessed within Instant Articles free of cost for every Month, The company will disclose Financial and payments details later. However publishers will have full access to their subscriber data.
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Brown Said in Confrance:
One of the things we heard in our initial meetings from many newspapers and digital publishers is that ‘we want a subscription product. we want to be able to see a paywall in Facebook. We are launching a subscription product.
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with this Subscription facebook has drafted another way to get profit and the reason of starting this subscription for readers beacause maney of publishers complaint that they lose their revenue when their News Stories will published free On Facebook.

When you see about this step then this step is a Good Step for Current news Facebook is already under limelight because the spread of fake news, fabricated online articles and spread of misinformation.


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