Facebook Pages now You can Build their own Special Groups for Fans

Facebook Starting to launched new Features for their Customers that means now Brand Companies Media Groups, boost Engagement with a niche group, by this features Facebook Giving Pages Administrative the ability to Create same pages Name Group.
Facebook Pages now You can Build their own Special Groups for  Fans

It will be very better for more users attention of their own Company and any other to talk and share with one another.

Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer in a Facebook post said.
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If you are an artist, a business, a brand, or a newspaper, you can now create fan clubs and groups centered around your super-fans
You can imagine having a support group for a product with a lot of technical back and forth.
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product Manager of Facebook Linda Xiong Said.
So, instead of having a support hotline that only is manned by the company, you can actually introduce a peer-to-peer support. Or you can have another group that’s more about inspirational sharing stories. That’s also relevant for people who are thinking about buying your product or services
So Let's Enjoy it. 


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