Google will now let you find the Qibla on your phone by Qiblafinder

During this Holy Month of Ramazan Google Launched best service for all Muslims those who want to find Qibla if they living anywhere or for travelling they can easily find Qibla Location where is it if you want to more Let see how to do it.

Google has launched a new service for the convenience of Muslims through which they can locate the actual direction of Holy Kaaba with the help of Qibla Finder Service, Just users need to Specify their Location the web-based service would be allowed on any Smartphone. On the other hand, Android users will have the privilege to enjoy the experience in Augmented Reality. The phone camera will form a clear blue line that will direct towards the direction of Qibla. On the contrary, iOS users will only be shown blue line to mark the direction.
Google will now let you find the Qibla on your phone by Qiblafinder
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Google qibla Finder Name is Qibla Finder' by Searching On Google Qibla Finder then you can See one the features link which will be shown on the top but if you don't Get this please Visit Directo link on Qibla Finder to find your Qibla but this is for desttop and better reasult On Mobile.
Google will now let you find the Qibla

It is pertinent to mention that those smartphones, which do not have built-in compass will not be able to support this feature. The app uses the compass to function and point the location.

If you want to know how to find Qibla here is Google Article where you can Get more info how to find via Qibla Finder on Google.


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