Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Banned in ECP offices across country

The Election Commission of Pakistan has Issued Notification around the Country of Pakistan only for ECP Offices, which imposes ban social Media website Included Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. 

The social media websites including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook will be barred from usage in all of ECP’s provincial offices and in Islamabad

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Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Banned in ECP offices across country
In a letter, obtained by Express Tribune, sent to the provincial election commissioners of Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan, Deputy Director Syed A Rahman Zafar has claimed that blocking social media and video streaming sites on Election Commission’s networks “will minimise malware attacks and ensure the discipline of using electronic resources up to the optimum level”.

“…the Competent Authority has directed to block social media websites (ie Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc) on all networks of ECP secretariat as well as PEC offices, including field offices with immediate effect.”

In this above rules all the ECP offices ban Complete Social Media Website by above given notice, The reason behind this ban is alleged to be the prevention of malware attacks interfering with the work of election commission and indiscipline that is being caused due to the excessive use of social media.


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