YouTube Launches Live TV Streaming Services Including above 40+ Channels

You Tube Launches their own Live TV on one place of You tube Includes 40+ Live Channels where you tube users can watch their favourite channels including ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, as well as Bravo, FX, ESPN and Fox Sports and many other Live Streaming networks, but more advantages of this launches its not only for a country based its all favorite channels around the world.
YouTube Launches Live TV Streaming Services Including above 40+ Channels

You tube users can Get this Live Streaming only the price of $35 per month, The TV programming will be accessible both live and on-demand — and with no DVR recording restrictions. The subscription includes six accounts for $35 per month, with each profile getting its own recommendations and other personalised settings. However, subscribers are allowed to watch only up to three concurrent streams at once.

CEO of You tube Susan Wojcicki said:
The service will initially launch in the next few months in major U.S. markets and will expand later to other cities. You Tube declined to provide specific launch dates; it currently has no plans to introduce the TV service internationally. 

Preview YouTube Announced  You Tube Launched Mobile Live Streaming Feature but now its Great Live streaming is a best ways to watch their favourite satellite channels trough You tube you don't need to go any other place if you are You tube.

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Viewers can watch the shows that were previously only available on YouTube Red, the ad-free YouTube subscription service.

How to Avail YouTube Live Streaming

If you want to Get this service and you are anywhere in the world so for this YouTube will Notify you by its Notification Service Click here to enter your area and zong to to click notify me to YouTube live Streaming Service is available in your area or not YouTube will notify you by Your given Email.


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