Viber introducing self-destructing chats for all users

800 Million Users Popular Massaging App in the world which is the name is Viber introducing self-destructing chats for all users for Secure privacy Features, and In previously Viber Announce free call service but now is coming features in order to give its customers privacy and security.
Viber introducing self-destructing chats for all users

Viber introducse new Featues that is called 'secret chats' These are 'self-destructing' chats that will automatically be deleted after a certain period of time

The secret chats feature builds on the same concept, but the feature applies to entire conversations rather than just single messages. In VentureBeat reports, Viber's upcoming secret chats will enable whole conversation threads to self-destruct, whether they're making up a group chat or a private chat with a friend. Users can pre-set the self-destruct timer and rest assured that their conversation won't leave a trace
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This new Chats feathers will be better for Users Privacy because by this feature users can protect their personal conversation with a security pin, These messages are also encrypted end-to-end, and you can set a PIN code to your secret chats. Now, you can talk to your friends or loved ones without any hesitation.
PIN code to your secret chats

Users can Use this new features Andriod and IOS Devices if you want to download for Andriod or IOS please Go to Below mention link.


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