You can now transfer money internationally through Facebook

Great News for Facebook Users Now facebook users can transfer money via facebook for internationally based because the money transfer company TransferWise launched new service chatbot allow users to transfer fund via this chatbot to abroad by using social platform means message app.
You can now transfer money internationally through Facebook

Chatbot can be used for transfer money between us Canada, Australia and the European Union, It will transfer fund with Good currencies rates which will be going on or on your Money transfer time because its notify via an alert currencies rates.

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 Our mission at TransferWise is to bring faster, cheaper, and more convenient international money transfers to everyone in the world. Building the TransferWise bot for Messenger is a great step in that direction,” TransferWise Head of Global Partnerships, Scott Miller said in a blog post.
More than one million customers can transfer money $1 billion each month with London-based TransferWise, TransferWise helps users avoid costly fees incurred when moving funds across borders and the TransferWise is regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority.

The bots allow users to communicate with companies in the same way they speak to their friends, they can provide each and every help for customers and all latest updates.
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