Twitter new Safty policy for curb abuse and harassment

Twitter announce new Safty Features to make it easier for users to avoid trolls, this feature announcement especially for who are working website illegal content, twitter will take action against those who are using the website for harassment abuse and indecent language that is the best announcement for those who are using twitter as right ways.
Twitter new Safty policy for curb abuse and harassment

Most popular social media website twitter Owner Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square Said Twitter is now going to stop all low-quality" and potentially abusive tweets from twitter search and twitter feeds

That means Twitter will try to identify people who have been permanently suspended and block them from creating new accounts. The "safe search" will remove sensitive content and blocked and muted accounts from search results, the purpose of this twitter is going to make safe the search for all places for search and feed.

what is the changing of the new announcement of Twitter that is three changes as a part of twitter new policy, halting the creation of new abusive accounts, introducing safer search results, and banning potentially abusive or low-quality Tweets
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