The Nokia 3310 is making a comeback in 2017

Good News for Nokia Lovers Especially for those people who loved Nokia 3310 Mobile phone, with the reason of already used 3310 Mobile phone, for this news Nokia 3310 re-launched by the world mobile congress with the price of €59.
The Nokia 3310 is making a comeback in 2017

The model was first released in 2000 and is predicted to make a comeback once again, at the cheap price of €59, Although there are a few 3310s still in existence and able to be bought on the internet, it can’t be bought directly from the company currently, The features which made it so popular include Snake II, Pairs II, a clock, calculator and the option to store reminders.

On February 26 in Barcelona Launched 

Dave Mitchell brought his trusty phone in 2000 and claims that it only needs charging once every ten days, it has employed the strategy of re-branding old and reliable phones into new ones.

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