Top Best Companies CEOs In Pakistan

If you want to know best companies Owers CEO details that mean which CEO is best and higher rank in Pakistan, There is money of Local and Private companies owners but not of all CEO TOP rank due to their work their Strategy, their experience also Awardable person those are best. 
for this i will include all of the Major top Companies owners male and female with their personality their good work and I will include some of the big online companies owners please details is below here.
Top Best Companies CEOs In Pakistan

List of CEO in Pakistan

Nadeem Hussain Owners (Tameer Microfinance Bank)

Nadeem Hussain Owners (Tameer Microfinance Bank)

Nadeem Hussain one of the best CEO and founder of Tameer Microfinance bank in Karachi Pakistan, this private bank Starting from 2000, The pioneer of branchless banking in Pakistan, with Easy Paisa, TMB was established in 2005 and had achieved break-even by 2009, Nadeem Hussain one of the best 100 CEO top rank in Pakistan the first ever Pakistan Banking Awards 2016, also Winner of 3 ‘Base of pyramid awards’ from SBP 2010 & 2011, Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited (TMFB) is a majority owned subsidiary of Telenor Pakistan.

Ayesha Aziz (Pak Brunei Investment)

Ayesha Aziz (Pak Brunei Investment)
Aysha Aziz is a second best CEO In Pakistan, the responsibility of setting up Pak Brunei Investment Company and succeeded in positioning it at the forefront amongst its larger and more established peers, in terms of size and profitability in no time, Pak Brunei Investment Company is an Investment Finance Company established as a joint venture between Government of Pakistan and Brunei Investment Agency (BIA) that commenced operations in August 2007,she started his first Branch in Lahore Pakistan, Aziz is an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration and a CFA Charter holder.

Monis Rahman (

Monis Rahman ( one of the best and number one online jobs website, Monis Rehman is a CEO of this website, He founded this website 2007, In Lahore Pakistan, also owner and CEO of Naseeb network Since 2002, he previously founded several other companies, Monis Rehman had Internet entrepreneur with 15 years of experience setting up online businesses in emerging markets and delivering results, first his Start Careers intel Corporation where he was a member of intel microprocessor design team, Rehman Completed his Computer Engineering and Electrical Degree University of Wisconsin – Madison and did graduate work at Stanford University.He founding Big and Small home business Online Company with 130 Employees, which is used by 64,000 employers and 6 Million job.

Zeeshan Ali Khan

Zeeshan Ali Khan one of the top level Property based website, which is Started Zeeshan khan from 2006 with partnership with his brother Imran Ali Khan, In 2012, received an angel investment from Gilles Blanchard, Series A round in 2014 and sizeable Series B round in 2015. The last venture round in January 2016 resulted in raising a whopping $20 million, at the start Zeeshan team was 90 employees over 600 employees, 3.5 million monthly visitors 3 million property listings, more than 9,000 registered agencies, offices in 11 cities across Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Multan, and operates all over Pakistan.In 2016, PPW declared the 5th most effective real estate website across the globe.

Javed Afridi  Haier

Javed Afridi  Haier

He is the CEO of Haier Manufacturing Unit He joined Haier as Marketing Manager in 2005 and has now been the Chief Executive Officer at Haier Pakistan since 2008. Afridi won the best CEO award by CEO Summit Asia 2015, Afridi has also owned a cricket franchise Peshawar Zalmi for US$16 million for a ten-year period the reason of this he has been very supportive domestic and international Cricket team both, He received master degree in Global Management from London School of Economics, England, in 2009.

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