The Iphone 8 is coming Here, What We Know So Far Release date

before a year ago Iphone 8 Launced but there's no shortage of leaks, Iphone 8 is Coming Now, Recently The Wall Street Journal reported that the company is testing up 10 Different Prototype Iphone for the Year of 2017 but now its Clear that iPhone 8 is going to bring in some significant changes.
Iphone will be available 3 Different Models,the first  'premium' model that features a curved OLED screen and when we descuss ohter two Models that will be possibly 4.7inch and 5.5inch sizes and it will be Lesser Quality Curved LCD Displey.
The Iphone 8 is coming Here, What We Know So Far Release date

Here is Some of rumours for Iphone 8 

Apple is testing wireless charging So you will Charge it wirelessly.
another thing Ipple getting rid the home button because ipple is going to increase the screen size actually Ipple Increasing the size of Device.
and one more rumor next comong Iphone 8 will be face-scanning technology that mean you may able to unlock your phon, just by looking into a camera on the screen
Approx. September 2017
Some of new of Iphoen 8 New glass body, A11 processor, Intel modem

Here is Iphone videos

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