PIA Launches Intranet Facility for Selected Flights

PIA Announced new Internet  Facilities for PIA Passengers which will provide only a few of domestic flights from Friday, passengers can access the internet with this new facility.
PIA Launches Intranet Facility for Selected Flights

Passengers easily access Entertainment content and other content by using their laptops, tablets, cells phones etc.but this facility Offered only during traveling of PTA Flights.

But this offers is not available for all PIA flights its only for selected flights, The flight numbers that will have this service include PK-300, PK-301, PK-302, PK-303, PK-304 305, PK-308 and PK-309.

Pakistan AirLine internet facility launched for trial based but it has two phases.

the first phase 30 Hours will be available during first phase passengers can entertain with dramas, comedy, kids movies, tilawat, documentaries, safety videos, Urdu feature films and Music.and the Second Phase will be 50 Hours western movies, interactive games for kids and moving maps.

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