Google removed more than 916 million URLs invaded copyrights during 2016.

Google removed more than 916 million URLs Invaded Copyright during 2016 because Google Recently Release its Transparency Reports, This report based on Removing the URLs of the website from Google Search Engine It means Google Search Result from 2011 to 2016 and till now.
with this report, Google removed 2 billion URLs during 2016, where affected URLs 352,000 and  Google removed 916 Urls infringing content, The reason of this removal, Google received has ample amount of takedown requests from around the world.

Google removed more than 914 million URLs invaded copyrights during 2016.

it has its own guidelines that enable it to determine if a specific request should be removed or not. This means that any copyright holder can only request the company to take down a specific URL and it is up to Google if it wants to remove it or not.

The Company Stated Here.

“Our goal is to help everyone understand the impact that copyright has on available content through transparency. We push back on these requests when they fail to include the necessary information or we suspect they are fraudulent.”

Order to complaint Google follow these 

Provide your Email, Phone Numbers I mean Content Information
Description of your work that you believe its infringed
Specification of Infringing URL
Agree with this Statement that your work has been infringed.
sign your complaint.

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