Google launches new offline search feature for android

Good News for slow Internet Users or bad Connection or you can't Get best result In Google Search Now Google launches new offline search feature for android, Its really true news for Aneroid smart phone those don't have Google Internet or haven't Internet everything they can search on Google anything by Latest new Google search Android app.
Google launches new offline search feature for android

Maney time people lose search when they are searching anything but the reason of slow Internet connection they can't complete result or mostly travelling or some time they search out of Internet area so, for this app they can Get accurate result with your needs,Read Google
Whether you’re a commuter reading the news with a spotty network, a farmer looking up crop prices with no service in the fields, or just driving through a tunnel, all is not lost when your search is interrupted by a bad connection. Now on the Google app for Android, even if your search fails, Google will deliver your results as soon as a connection is available so you can keep searching with a single tap

Its very easy to use and save your time for offline or slow Internet users and the best thing is for this app you don't need paying any extra charges and no extra battery required for using this app.

before using this features you need Latest version of Google app

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