Google Finally Start Penalizing Mobile Websites With Intrusive Pop-Up Ads

If you hate popup ads and full page popup ads and before web pages, if you are browsing on your Phone then it's great news for you but for website owners, those who have any website show up Irrelevant popup ads and websites will have to get their act together or risk becoming irrelevant.
Google Finally Start Penalizing Mobile Websites With Intrusive Pop-Up Ads

Google penalty over the website which is using pop-up ads, the reason of this nowadays big numbers of the website using popup ads because money of website giving ads services for money for the website but this is not good for users that way Google penalty all over the website which is using Irrelevant popup ads.

Which Pages Are Affected By Google’s Penalties

  • Pages that give user a pop up right after they click a hyperlink or as they scroll through a page 
  • Pages that shows the user with an interstitial that must be shut before the user gets to their preferred content,
  • pages that keep the desired content “under the fold” with an interstitial on the top of the page.

Google Release New Algorithm Updates for saving browsing, Google Release statement said:
Although the majority of pages now have text and content on the page that is readable without zooming, we’ve recently seen many examples where these pages show intrusive interstitials to users
while underlying content is present and it will be available to be indexing by Google, another about pop-up ads Google has claimed that “small” pop-ups won’t be affected by this updated algorithm.
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