Samsung launch smartphones with folding Screen

Samsung going to Launch New Foldable Screen Smartphone according to News website because Samsung has been working Foldable Smartphone from money years Now, the Korean giant might be ready to launch its first foldable smartphone in 2017. 
This Smartphone will be Flexible Screen Same like Book you can Fold this phone like a book, The More benefits for Mobile users Samsung Focuses Biometric Verification that mean in this features only Mobile owner or allowed users can fold the mobile or scroll.
Samsung plans to launch smartphones with flexible display

Samsung showcased the first concept of folding smartphone according to Korean site and now also reported that Samsung will release a foldable smartphone in 2017.
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Here is Samsung Foldable device summary according to Samsung

"|A foldable device includes: a display; a touch panel configured to detect a touch input; a sensing interface configured to detect an angle of the foldable device; and a controller configured to activate the display unit when the angle detected by the sensing unit as the foldable device is unfolded is equal to or greater than a first angle, and activate the touch panel when the angle detected by the sensing unit is equal to or greater than a second angle"

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