Google removing hateful, harmful & illegal content On Search Engine

Google is Playing Good role for those who are posing their website Illigel Content after that this Illigel content showes on Google Search but now Google is Playing Very Important role yes Google Removing hateful, harmful & illegal content, Google director has said the internet giant has more to do to tackle illegal content, but urged people to make their own judgments should they encounter unsavoury material online and this was This was acknowledged by Matt Brittin.
Matt Brittin Defended the company efforts to removing Illigel Hateful Content on Google Search which will be auto Complete Function and it was  accused of diverting people towards racist and other discriminatory search term.
Google director's vow over tackling illegal content

Presedent of Europe Google Called for a uk Tex Rules and he was Intrested to Company paid Tex He asked by the Government.he said it's Over Duties how to Remvoe Harmfull content on Google Search Engine.

Further told Brittin   BBC Radio 4's programme the tool did help save time, But it's algorithmic Suggetion based what is people searching, He further ensured the internet users around the world, who are agitated by the increase in crimes and privacy violation.

Google will not show up some top site but its only Harmful and iLLegal Content and Google will move this site Article Posts to other Google Search Pages but Helpful and Good content website will show up On First Page On Google.

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