Celebrate 141 Birth anniversary of Qaid-e-Azem

Qaid-e-Azem Muhammad Ali Jinnah Was Born December 25 1976, In Karachi Pakistan, This day Special day For Pakistani People because this day is a Birth Day of Qaid-e-Azem who is Creator of the Country. The government has announced week-long celebrations of Quid-e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's birth anniversary and the aimed at educating the youth about the Quaid's vision and Pakistan's ideology.
Qaid-e-Azem anniversary  Day will be Start with special prayers for the prosperity, development and progress of the country and National Flag will be held all Government Buildings and  special ‘Change of Guard’ ceremony will be held on Qaid-e-Azem Museum Karachi Pakistan also Quran Khawani would be held at the Mazar-e-Quaid in Karachi .
Celebrate 141 Birth anniversary of Qaid-e-Azem

Private and Government Channels PTV and other will broadcast Shows and also Broadcast Drama about Qaid-e-Azem Life, and Tributes on TV Channels with Qaomi  Naghma, Etc.

People would participate in a cake cutting competition on the occasion of the Quaid's birth anniversary by uploading their pictures on Twitter and Facebook accounts and the winner would get a cash Price of Rs 100,000.Special programmes are planned across the country to shed light on the Quaid’s struggle for creation Pakistan.

I like Qiad-e-Azem Struggle for Muslims umma because he was the one of the Great Person in the history, His life gone only for this Nation, what we are doing for this Great country and Great Leader I thing no thing.

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