Apple Going to Make Dual SIM iPhones Soon

Apple has been the only major handset manufacturer which have not corporated Daul SIM but Apple Going to make change Daul SIM iPhone Soon, It's Good news for Apple Users.The company has Start begun filing patents in the United States and China for a dual SIM phone and the ability to produce Apple phones which is Support Two SIM in One Handset.
Apple has been granted a patent for dual-SIM technology by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and another report of Forbes a document filed with China’s State Intellectual Property Office also describes an iPhones with dual-SIM card feature.
Apple Going to Make Dual SIM iPhones Soon?

Daul SIM Apple Smartphone has a Great Demand in Asian Countries, Especially India and China because  90% Indian Users using Daul Sim Smartphone dual-SIM smartphones is one of the highest in the world.Daul SIM will allow users to continues using two different Connection with one Smartphone.

It is not clear whether Apple will launch a dual-SIM enabled iPhone in the future or not. There might be a chance that Apple may reveal a dual-SIM iPhone only in selected markets including India and China where the majority of smartphones very high.

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