List of top universities in the world 2016 & 2017

If you are searching trough internet top universities in the world this article will be better for all of you I have found for you the top list of Universities in the world, the rank of this all listed university better rank in the world if you want to know about this please read all of the below-listed universities.

    List of top universities in the world 2016 & 2017

    1. University of Cambridge

    The university of Cambridge in the best top university in the world and the rank of this university 1# rank in the world which is very better rank of this university, 18,000 students were studying and 4,000 students from internationally over the 120 countries because the university standard is very high, It's located United kingdom also very old because of this established from 1209, Man and woman both can study there.

    2. University of Oxford 

    Oxford university is the very famous and oldest and English speaking university of United kingdom, 44 colleges and halls with 100 libraries and the students of around 22,000, 40% Students from internationally around the 140 countries.11 winners of Nobel prize in chemistry which is associated Oxford University and five in physics and 16 is medicine.The Universty Established form 1096, Its top second best rank university in the world.

    3.Harvard University

    Harvard University also in the oldest university of United State which is started from 1636, 323,000 alumni including 271,000 in Us and 52,000 in 201 other countries, Its quality of Education very high and Harvard is a top list of the Great university in the world and its best university for the students.

    4.Princeton University

    Princeton is one of the oldest universities in the US and is regarded as one of the world’s most illustrious higher education institutions.It's founded on 1746 as the college of new jersey and It's 10, 000 total Students and 12% of International Students, 800,000 people visiting its open campus each year, it's one of the best university and the rank of this university #4 

    5.Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology is in private research university in United State, Its very oldest university which is founded on 1861, MIT have 1,000 Faculty Member and 11, 000 Under Graduates and under Graduates Students, Recently he recognises into five different schools.So this university if the top 10 list of the university in the world and it's rank is #5 in the world.

    6.University of Chicago

    The university of Chicago is the one of the best university in United State and its started from 1891, Education man and woman both ones its very success full university in us from other universities by his status and rank and the number #6 rank of this university.

    7.California Institute of Technology

    is a world-renowned science and engineering research and education institution.The mission of the California Institute of Technology is to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education and the students of this institute 1,001 undergraduate students and 1,254 graduate students and estimated 33% female / 67% male.California Institute of Technology is a list of top universities and the #7 rank of this institute in the world.

    8.Stanford University

    Stanford University is one of the best top Rank Private University which is located United State, It's Established 1885 and co-educational and non-denominational private institution.When I say about this university this is top #8 Rank in the world.

    9.University of California, Berkeley

    The university of California, Berkeley university one of the best and famous University in the world and us and it's Started from 1868.The Students of this University 27,000 undergraduate students and 10,000 postgraduate students and the University have won 19 Nobel Prize in physics Chemistry, and Economics, So It's the best rank of top 10 University in the world.

    10.Imperial College London

    This college located in Center of London and it's Science based education institution Most important success of this College It's 14 Winners of Nobel Prize and one of the famous person which is included this winner Sir Alexander Fleming, College Status is high and Uk students and also take admissions from the world.

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