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Tipu Sultan Born on 20 November 1750  and Islamic Date was Friday 20 Dhu al-Hijjah 1163 AH, in Devanahalli, Bangalore, India He also known as  Tiger of Mysore, and His Father Name was Hakim Mysore Haider Ali  He Learn Islami Uloom and Expect Islami Uloom He also Learn about Arabian, Persian, English, French, Urdu and he was mastered very Quickly in this Languages,  Tipu Sultan Mother Name was Fatima Fakhrun Nisaa, before born of Tipu Sultan His Father Mother prayed at the shrine(مزار اولیا) of Tipu Mastaan.

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Which was Famous Great Art Man His Father Prayed His Grave for Children because before this Haider Ali Don't have any Kids after pray Tipu Sultan born and his father placed his Son Name Tipu Sultan with the Same Name of Tipu Mastaan Some one is Called Name of Tipu Sultan Real Name Fateh Muhammad but in the history don't have any proven but his son Name is Fateh.
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In 1765 Tipu Sutan came first time Military Life when he attacks with hider Ali Khan On Mala Bar and here he was only 3000 Soldiers and then he Arrested an Big Group of Enemy where Haider Ali take it on his Troops.

Haider fought with the Englishmen with their 90000 army. In 1782, Haider Ali died. In 1799 Tipu Sultan Martyr when he was Group of Enemy.Read More About In Urdu Language.

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