Success Story of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg CEO Of Facebook

In this Post We are going to share you biography of Facebook Owner or you can say that Success Story of Mark Zuckerberg who is a CEO Of Big Social Media website Facebook and it's Big Social Media website which is bullion of Monthly Users and Now in Pakistan and all of the world Facebook Very popular 56 Big worldwide Companies Business Direct from Facebook and It's Daily Revenue 34 Lacs Dollers and per second Revenue 384 Dollars, the numbers of Facebook Users 55 Millions and it's will be increase Day by Day.

Facebook CEO I mean Mark Zuckerberg Father was Dentists and Two of his Sisters and Mark Zuckerberg Favorite think Computer Programming Started Short and Success Story of  Facebook CEO He Started Facebook 2004 and he purchase Domain Name his dirty room after that he design Facebook and then he launch facebook 4 February 2004 Mark Zukerburg Main aim of Launching Online Relationship for Harvard University aftar that mark post Student pictures each and every thing releted harvard univery Complete Data on Facebbok.

650 Student Join Facebook only in 4 Days and after 3 Month it's reach 3 thousand after that Different university Students they join so, joining users would be increase day by day and march it's reach 30 thousand after that Mark Zuckerbarg Sarting ads on facebook and the revenue of his first day from ads 400 Dollers when Mark 23 year old he was Billionaires Now Facebook Ower  Mark Zuckerberg is among the 100 most influential people۔Read this Story in Urdu Language.
Success Story of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg CEO Of Facebook
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