How to Download Your Google Data with Screen Shots

Money of People are using Google account if I will say that all of Internet users are used Google Account from Different Product of Google Includes Gmail, Blogger, Adsense, Adword,   Youtube, and Money other Google Services but all of Google Services you can use on Google account but the reason of Creating This post how to Record your All Google Data and how to Download Google Data yes if you have Google account you are using Gmail maybe Gmail is very imported for you you can download all your personal Email at not End you can Downlod all Google Services Which is Contain  your personal data include Google+, Blogger, Bookmarks, Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Maps, Messenger, YouTube, and many others.

Below i will give you Complete Training How to Download Your Google Data from your Google account to your Computer  so, Lets Start Now First You Need One of Google Account if you already have then ok other wise you can Create New Google account which you can Use all of Google Services you can Sign up Here.

How to Accessing the Google Takeout Page from Backup your Data First Signup your Google account and then Click here Google Account webpage To Sign in After Sign in From Google Account Webpage link Which is here after that you can see Two Boxes Sign in & Security and Personal info and Privacy,  Simply Go To Personal Info and Privacy and Go To Control Your Content winch is last Option in this days maybe after couple of year or month it's change but now is last option Control your Content Click Control Your Content See Screen Shot.

How to Download Your Google Data with Screen Shots Control your content

After Clicking Control your Content you can see Next Apear Screen you can see First: Copy or move your content which you can Download your Google Data Click CREATE ARCHIVE See Screen Shot:
How to Download Your Google Data with Screen Shots CREATE ARCHIVE

When your Click Create Archive Button Next Appearing Google Page where you can see Download Your Data Page in this page you can Select any of Google Services which you can Download with your need See Screen Shot below.
How to Download Your Google Data with Screen Shots Download your data

Now Click Next Below Button and from Next Appearing Page Now you Choose Download File type you can Choose Zip File, Tgz File, tbz, after Selected File type and now choose Select Delivery Method which you can select Send Downlod Link Via Email Because you are Downloading For your Computer after that Click Create Archive Button after Clicking Create Archive Button Downloading Probosces will Start which is take time hours or possibly days which Google Send your Email See Screen Shot:

How to Download Your Google Data with Screen Shots Download Process
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