Facebook launches Live video streaming for FB all users

Facebook Launches Live Video Streaming Feature for Everyone
Facebook Launches new Features on FB Live Video Streaming for all Facebook users Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saidToday we're launching Facebook Live for everyone  to make it easier to create, share and discover live videos.Live means Having a tv Camera in your pocket anyone now Live broadcast with phone to anyone in the world.you can live video breadcasting freatures available Facebook Group and Facebook Events  this features allow users to share their live video with a select group of people.in this features people can go live Facebook Group and Events pages and your live vedio reaction will be live anyone can comments, share, and can tage on live.

Live Reactions, Replay Comments, Live Filters it's make it easy for viewer to express their feeling in real time during your live video broadcast.

  •  go live in Facebook Groups and Event pages.
  •  live reactions and replay comments tag your friends.
  • Five new filters that help adjust lighting. Plus, Snapchat-like doodling effects.
  • A Live Map of  broadcasts around the world here.
  • Live Video Audience Metrics will let you monitor how much viewership your stream got.


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