Mobilink Announces Guardian Watch for Kids 2016

Mobilink Announces Guardian Watch for Kids
Mobilink Telecom Announced Guardian watch for kids and it's available now because its announced on 22 february 2016. This wearable watch is designed as a real-time GPS tracker along with a phone with a one button SOS call and mobilink told about the guardian watch the watch is affordable for everyone but mobilink did't mention price of this watch and watch will control trough a app under the mobilink rang and it's also allow GPS Location Tracking and text Massaging and Voice call.

Mobilink Guardian Watch will operated with a button after operate watch button on watch screen will show more advanced featured of the watch which is allow to the parent they make secret auto answer to the watch and generating massaging to the watch and also allow for parent setting of this watch.

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 This Guardian watch will allows parent, parent can install 3 guardian numbers so, if first numbers will not rang of guardian watch then call automatically diverted second numbers if second will not reachable rang of watch then it will diverted third one.  

Head of Mobilink Data told about this watch  that this watch is similar to Guardian app but is more secure and easier to use than mobile phones it is a better solution of their kids for those who can not use mobile phone.

This Guardian watch is Available on mobilink center and you can order this watch via online trough mobilink here fill the simple form for orders watch will be available form 22 february 2016.


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