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Newsweek Magazine Pakistan The NewsNewsweek Magazine Published by AG Publication and first licensed International News Magazine of Pakistan.Company wholly owned by Associated Group AG under Licensed from the newsweek daily beast Company.Newsweek is a Asia Pacific  Edition.Newsweek edited by fasih ahmed who has written for the wall street Journal.Newsweek present the Facts and its argument.AG Media companies Include AG Publications, which produced Newsweek Pakistan.AG castillo Media limited, A London Corporated joint venture with brazil castilo de pedra which produced Newsweek, Newsstand across Europe, the middle east and Africa AG TV which is sitting up dias, an urdu language news channel affiliated with CNN and AG RAdio Which have licences to set up FM Radio Stations Abbottabad jamshoro karachi and murree, this three companies wholly owned of AG Omnimedia.Newsweek publishing regularly topic and covered include politics and govornment, Business and Entertainment, health and nitration, science and technology, and money and Culture.
On April 2 2010 at lahore hosted Newsweek Magazine and exclusive breakfast for doctor Abdullah Gul  President of the Republic Turkey and with the chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Shareef.   



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