Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed Nishan e Heidar

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Major Muhammd Akram Shaheed was Born 4 april 1938 in Dinga Gujrat Districtand. His Father name was Malik Shakhi Muhammad and he was naik(hawaldar) of pakistan Army and his Mother name was aysha BiBi. he also member of village Nakka kalan in jhelum District he was Awan Family. after Matric he joined and toke Pakistan Military Academy in 1959 in and took his Graduation Digree from Military Academy in 1963. He joined the commission in 1963 as a part of 4th frontier force Regiment in jhelum and there he spent 3 year .He was posted first time Estern Pakistan(Bangladesh) as a naike.  In 1969 He Major Muhammd Akram Shaheed was promoted to the Rank of Major in Pakistan Army.Akram Shaheed fought in the war against India in the battle of hills with his leadership. His Regiment was facing both aerial Bomberdment and heavy fire from anemy during 5 days. Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed was martyrdom in Eastern Pakistan(Bangladesh) on 5 Decenber 1971. He was Our Great Hero of Paksitan Army we Proud of Muhammad Akram Shaheed He Awarded the Great Award of Nishan e Heider.

Major Muhammad  Akram Shaheed Memorial

Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed memoriel park is a park of Muhammad akram shaheed in jhelum Pakistan. It is sutuated near by 100m of shander  showk we can say this park located center of the city. In there library of memorial of akram Shaheed.


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