Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaahed

Havaldar Lalak jan Shaheed was born 1 April 1967 yaseen valley nathern areas of pakistan(New name is Gillgit Baltistan ) after school he joined the pakistan Army and then he reached the rank of Havaldar. He fought against India in kargill war in 1999. havaldar lalak jan posted on tiger hill with 130 Army man. night of last week of june in 1999 indian fource attack lalak jan post with a fource. On 7th july in 1999 indian fource attaked the post of lalak jan shaheed with heavy fire hole day indian fource attacked Lalak jan Shaheed post from Three side. During this attacked lalak jan shaheed was hit his chest by enemy with machine gun fire but he was not died in this time after more three hours he defend his post lalak jan defended his post till last blood of his drop. He was a great man and great nishan e heider holder we love and we prode of lalak jan shaheed. 


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