How To Died Major Aziz Shaheed Bhatti

died of major aziz bhatti

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti was born in 1928 in hong kong to a Rajpoot family he became in pakistan in independent in 1947 when he came in pakistan he was linving Ladian kharian Gujrat He started Career in pilot job in 1947 and pointed as a position in kar purl he was a brave comander of pakistan During the 1965 Major Aziz Bhatti was commander of  a Company of 17 Punjab Regiment Major aziz bhatti was awarded the highest  awart of Nishan-e header.He was a Muslim Rajpoot Family and his father name was Master Abdullah Bhatti and his Mother name was bibi Amna he had four brother and two sister he was a great man of pakistan he is a great pakistni for reader of my site i want to show you how to died major aziz bhatti that is a complete vedio of death of major aziz bhatti shaheed please see below video.

Major Aziz Shaheed Bhatti Memories


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