Pakistani culture

Pakistan is a Muslim Country 95% Muslims living in there. It was because Islam is a Official religion In our country. Our culture and Traditional of that country representative in the history faith language environment of that country culture may be defined behavior culture consists of language Idea values attributes .
pakistani culture photos
pakistani culture

Pakistani culture is a Mixed Culture Majority of Pakistani people are Muslims and there birth and faith. Pakistani culture varies vardly from Pakistan sindh  blochistan and khyber and punjab.

English is official language in this country and urdu is national language in country. Panjabi, Pashto, Pathwari, singhi, Blochi, Kashmiri, are the regional languages.

Islam has played a Good ruls of colture life majority fo pakistani people follow the ruls of islam and islamic traditions.

Pakistani societies is a mail oriented they given protection and respect pakistani family of pakistan headed by male one of the older one headed by other group. he guides other member about anything else and other member follow his all order.  

Muslims religious festival are celebrated according to Islamic calendar. some of the main 
Pakisni relegous festevals 

Independence day of pakistan

14 Augest Independence day of Pakistan
Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha(big Eid of pakistan)You-e-ashora
Milad-e-Nabwi, sallaho alihi wasallam, Pakistan 
Pakistan Day
Defence Day
Iqbal Day
Qaid-eAzem Day

Cultural ceremonies and Festivals of pakistan

festivals of pakistan photos
Singh festival                        
log virsa mela
Kalash Fesvival
Sibi mela
Chand raat
Merriage ceremonies
shander polo festival


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