Top 10 beautiful places in pakistan

Pakistan has some of the most beautiful places in Pakistan in the whole world. Northern areas and Kashmir has some beautiful places this beautiful places in Pakistan is a famous in the world. people can visit there from all over the world below i will show you some beautiful places in Pakistan. In Our country has lot of beautiful places but 10 Pakistan beautiful places is most famous in the world.
beautiful 10 places in pakistan

1. Neelam valley

neelam valley photos
Neelam valley photo

Neelam valley is a situated in the North East in the Azad Kashmir. Neelam valley is a Capital of azad Kashmir Muzaffrabad. This valley runs thorough the lesser Himalaya and neelam river presented the some beautiful places beautiful hills both side in the neelam river.

2. Hunza Valley 

beautiful hunza valley photos
Hunza valley phoro
 Hunza Valley is a mountainous Valley in the Gilgit Pakistan province pakistan. It is situated North West in Hunza rever. It is 2500 metter approximately. This velley upper hunza lower hunza and center hunza. This valley offers mony beautiful places to visit.

3. Swat Valley

sawat valley photos
sawat valley photo
This valley situated above Rever in swat, this valley administrative district of khybar Pakhtunkhwa. This valley famous valley of Pakistan this valley Called mini Switzerland of Pakistan Near in this valley malam jabba, Madyan, kalam valley.

4. Murree Hills 

ayubiya murre hills photos
ayubiya murree photo

That is a summer hills station it is a subdivision of rawalpindi district of Pakistan Most of people visit in Murree in Summer to enjoy. there is some most beautiful places Galiat is a very attractive for torarist and Danga gali, nathya gali also attractive in murree hills.

5. Kailash valley

kailash valley and people photos
kailash valley photo

This valley is a attractive for tourists from foreign. it is chitral district of khybar pakhtunkhwa Pakistan it is a very famous place because this is a very old civilization people called kailach. they have their on religion and in there culture people traval and visit to watch there culture all over the world. kailash people celebrating the yealy festival in the year.

6. Ziarat

ziarat resedincy of pakistan photos
ziarat photo

It is situated Baluchistan province of Pakistan it is a very famous places it was because every trips from Karachi to quetta stop here. chief commissioner of Baluchistan used residence of ziarat in summer. very healthy water of this place.

7. Rawalkot

rawalkot beautiful photos
Rawalkot photo

Rawalkot situated in poonch and province of azad kashmir of pakistan it is very beautiful valley surrounded by hills situated 80km distance from rawalpindi and islamabad. people visit there in summer because winter in there very hard  attractive places in rawalko banjos,toli pir,poonch River,Tatta Pani,Banjosa lake.   

8. Jehlum valley

jehlum velley photos
jehlum valley photo

This valley situated in azad kashmir pakistan it is a very famous places in pakistan national and international people visit jehlum valley Good attaction of this valley curly river thorough East and West Between high and green Mountian in jehlum valley cheery, walnut and honey of leepa is a very famous in jehlum valley.

9. Shander Pass 

shander pass photos
shander pass

It is highest polo groud in planet 3738 mettr high from see leval it is midway from Gilgit and chitral shander polo festival arrranged in every year all over the Pakistan tourists and foreign came there.

10.Kaghan valley

kaghan valley photos
kaghan valley photo

Kaghan valley is a very beautiful valley situated in North East in mansehra pakistan. It is very famous for seplended natural beauty reason of attraction tourists but it not attraction loads of tourists. 



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